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Tap on glass


Tap on glass


More pics of my ragdoll boy Nemo’s outdoor adventures this summer.

And in case you wonder what exactly is going on in the last image - we are playing fetch… :D


Hell awaits



how do i lose 30 pounds in 1 minute 

go to England and buy something


I could be the Supreme. My powers are growing.

Bitch, don’t try me. I am Rihanna.

Natalie Dormer attends Entertainment Weekly: Women Who Kick Ass panel during Comic-Con International 2014 at San Diego Convention Center on July 26, 2014

The False Shepard
The False Shepard



Doing The Pledge of Allegiance every school day for 4 or 5 years is one of those things that don’t seem strange when you’re young

But then you get older and you realized “yeah, swearing your allegiance to a flag for about 200+ days out of 365 day year in unity with other small children is without a doubt a creepy as fuck activity”

wait is that actually a thing american schoolchildren do what the fuck